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The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete 2010

During the last 30 years, concrete technology has made considerable advances and provided new and high performance materialssuitable for satisfying the requirements of designers and construction companies.

It is evident that the researchand technological development have allowed concrete to be keep up with time, by continuing to represent an optimal choice for the realizationof constructions more and more demanding in terms of safety, durability and sustainability.

however, this modern know-how has not been completely understood by many structural designers that, often make still use "out-of-date" concretes.

This anomaly is mainly due to the lack of regular meetings between concrete technologists and structural engineers. This is one of the main motivations which encouraged to organizethe first Workshop on "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete" held at the University of Salerno in April 2010. The Workshop has been organized through a joint collaboration between the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Salerno and the American Concrete Institute Italy Chapter.

The Workshop proceedings have been collected in a volume.