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We would like to thank all of the sponsors for their generous support and collaboration with the event.



Kerakoll is world leading company in GreenBuilding products and solutions, characterised by healthy buildings which are built with innovative technologies that are eco-friendly, naturally breathable and with high levels of energy efficiency, acoustic comfort and seismic efficient. Thanks to its investments in Green Research and GreenBuilding, Kerakoll is transforming the building envelope from a simple architectural element to a new habitat where people can live more comfortably and in harmony with nature. Today Kerakoll offers world leading solutions for the entire living and infrastructural environment in reinforced concrete, masonry and timber construction, repair and strengthening, and interior design. Kerakoll has rougly 1,350 employees, and receive 45% of its turnover from abroad. It is currently directly represented in 12 countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, France and India which all have production plants, while UK, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, USA and UAE are sales companies.


Italy is one of the largest market for the BASF Group worldwide, offering its expertise and international experience collaborating with Italian companies to find innovative solutions and processes with respect for people, their health and the environment. In Italy, BASF is represented by four companies and a joint venture. The broad product portfolio includes: chemicals, refining, catalysts and metals for catalysts, chemical products for agriculture, for building, for paper and for water treatment, extruded polystyrene boards, paints, polyurethanes, polymers, additives.