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Prof. Eng. Roberto Realfonzo
Dept. of Civil Engineering,
University of Salerno
via Giovanni Paolo II
84084 - Fisciano (SA) Italy
Tel. +39 089 96 4085
Fax. +39 089 96 8739

Secretary / Treasurer

Eng. Maria Chiara Caruso
Dept. of Structures for
Engineering and Architecture
University of Naples Federico II
via Claudio, 21
80125 Naples, Italy
Tel. +39 081 76 83669
Fax. +39 081 76 85921

ACI Italy Chapter

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American Concrete Institute Italy Chapter

The ACI Italy Chapter is the Italian section of the American Concrete Institute, the biggest Association in the world in developing knowledge and practice about concrete materials and structures.

The Chapter pursues many objectives, among which the divulgation of scientific researches and the organization of educational events, ensuring an interesting debate between academic and industrial representatives. It represents also the trait-d’union between North America and Europe.

The scientific divulgation takes place through publications, conferences and conventions, workshops, educational courses, awards and any other suitable initiatives. These activities aim at collecting, developing and promoting knowledge for improvement the design, building, production, application and conservation techniques for concrete structures and cementitious materials.

The ACI Italy Chapter was founded in 2003, by the idea of Prof. Antonio Nanni, Full Professor at the University of Miami, who collected some eminent personalities of academic and industrial institutions.

The first President, at present Honorary President of the Chapter, was Prof. Mario Alberto Chiorino, Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The present Board of Directors was elected in 2013: Prof. Roberto Realfonzo (University of Salerno) and Prof. Paolo Riva (University of Bergamo) are the President and the Vice-President, respectively.

In addition to the ACI Italy Chapter Officers, the Association has about fifty individual members and about one third of them are student members.

The ACI Italy Chapter’s Bylaws considers individual, sustaining and student membership.

ACI Italy Chapter