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Luigi Coppola

Associate Professor

University of Bergamo, Dept. of Engineering and Applied Science

Contact information:

Address: viale Marconi, 5 – 24044 Dalmine (BG), Italy
Phone: +39 035 2052030

In a nutshell
Luigi Coppola’s scientific activity is documented by publications on materials and, in particular, focused on construction materials in the following fields:

  • admixtures and mineral additives for mortars and concrete;
  • deterioration, durability and repair of concrete structures;
  • design of the concrete composition (mix-design);
  • deterioration and restoration of historical buildings;
  • corrosion and protection of rebars in reinforced concrete and reinforced pre-cast concrete structures.

The results of Luigi Coppola’s research activity can be summarized in 250 original papers, 17 books, 1 patent.
In June 2000 Luigi Coppola was conferred an award for the “Outstanding and sustained contributions to enhance the Durability of Concrete” by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Canadian Institute of Materials, Energy and Transportation (CANMET).