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Gennaro Magliulo

Associate Professor

University of Naples, Dept. of Structures for Engineering and Architecture

Contact information:

Address:  Via Claudio, 21 – 80125 Naples (NA), Italy
Phone: +390817683464

In a nutshell

  • He teaches two courses: “Theory and Design of RC Constructions” and “Precast Structures” at the University of Naples Federico II;
  • he is author of 4 patents, monographs and more than 120 papers on international and national journals and papers presented at international and national conferences. His research concerns earthquake engineering and dynamics of structures, nonstructural components, r/c structures and precast structures;
  • he is member of ACI and of the fib committees TG 6.17 “Retrofitting and repairing of precast structures in seismic areas” and TG 8 “Irregular and Complex Structures”.

The topics of his publications can be divided according to three large areas strongly connected to the large area of Constructions Technique, i.e.:

  • reinforced concrete structures
  • earthquake engineering and structural dynamics;
  • precast structures;
  • non structural components.